Guess Fall 2010 Campaign with Alyssa Miller and Elsa Hosk by Ellen von Unwerth

swing it baby. let's take a ride in your car. teenage sweethearts. big hair. even bigger dreams. The Fonz. vintage is born.


you never notice
it's not there
until you're taking the hits
the more you try
the more you're there
never here
what we think we know
is evergrowing
silence seeps like mould in the rain
can we say there's something else?
when all we've ever tried to be is right in front of us
whispering hopes of something divine
we can't huddle underneath the pain
promise me you'll not do the things i've done
believe whatever gets you through
we'll move forward when our hopes are right in front of us
so take me for granted,
one last time.


Magnificent Obsession by Peter Lindbergh with Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova


If you haven't seen it yet, it will most probably change any opinions you have about the relevance of dreams in our lives. I saw it the day it was released, and I had read no reviews as yet, to cloud my opinion of it - and it was BRILLIANT! No movie rivals it's stellar combination: tactile plot, dynamic and amazingly good-looking cast and an ending that just grips you and nags your every afterthought. I cannot wait until it comes out on dvd so i can own such a stunning thing.

Again, i must emphasise that this cast...it's sex on legs - if sex could walk. Firstly you have Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is world-renowned for his role in 10 Things I Hate About You (pre-Heath Ledger passing -Ii love you Heath) and then lesser known for other films and then there was 500 Days of Summer, gorgeous film. Then Ellen Page or Juno or the girl who pops up in US Nylon Mag and THEN Vogue in a Marni dress less than a year later! how did she do that?! Because she's talented. She has that kind of way to her that makes you believe that every little thing she acts out is true, and that you too can act like she can. Not true but i love her for thinking we could. and then there's my husband Leonardo Di'Caprio. his performance is so acute and lasting that you want to jump into his world and hug him and tell him everything will be okay: that the world will not blow up/we will survive and live a happy life together.
There's Cillian Murphy who gives a performance of a career. And then Tom Hardy - give me a moment. Tom Hardy is a beautiful specimen.
You then have the really delightful Marion Cotillard who has very quickly become a favourite of mine due to movies such as Nine and La Vie En Rose - her talent is so spectacular, it take one viewing of one movie to love her, and want the very most for her career. A true Parisian role-model in the film industry for women of any age.
The movie itself leads you to think about what is real or imagined, what is attainable and what is too far to reach, and what the human mind is capable of. There are so many ways to interpret this movie, and the themes of 'layers' in your dreams is so intriguing that I spent half the movie ciphering theories and scenarios of the layers - a feat which really should have occured afterwards.

But I love that - it sparked something in me.

What did it spark in you?

it's go time

today it all begins. we live and then we write about it. in this case i live and don't write about it for yonks, well no more. this is an invention test, masterchef style. not really i just love that show. have you ever seen julie & julia?! see it.
basically what i'm getting at is that my long-term partner in crime Valentina and I will reinvent this blog to wow you little dazzlers and punch you in the face with our observations on life. photos / videos / poems / interpretive dance - the forms of expression are endless. one thing that will be consistent is our sheer passion and commitment to whatever it is we're bringing you. we're starting small but aiming high and we welcome any and every little contribution you may have. we hope you can relate & enjoy!
much love, G and V xx