cute animals and cake

i think its safe to say that each one of us love animals; and its equally as safe to say we all love cake.
so here's a combo!

it was never always like this, you know

numero tokyo october 2009

she's such a charmer oh no

alexander wang 2010

city and colour

city and colour take my heart away!
i knew they were something special with only a few songs on my ipod, but swapping ipods with my friend who has pretty much every one of their beautiful songs, has made me see just how sweet their sound really is.
the girl has nostalgic sounds that i can't get over...

lily aldridge

i think this gal is stunning, stunning, and again, stunning.
if you're stunning, you either know miranda kerr, or you are miranda kerr.
i know this post is about lily aldridge, but did i tell you the story of when i met miranda?
by met her i mean i said hi, after she said hi to me backstage at the David Jones Spring/Summer Launch, probably because i had to pick myself up off the ground from all the staring and smiling i was throwing her way. lovely girl.

phi spring 2010

lu la la

I would love to get my paws on a copy of Lula Magazine. It seems like a magazine with a lot to offer, and with many friends (one die-hard-tattoo-Lula-on-my-skin fan) who praise the little imagination burner's rich and beautiful text and images, i may just get one at $30...their website has already prompted me to make a down payment! the videos are divine. likewise are these stills.
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ok that didn't help! now i just want more.


new york, oh new york

Toni Maticevski stole my heart ever since I spotted his one of his designs on a Home and Away starlet. Yes! That's how the love affair began, I saw Jodi Gordon (played by Martha) wear one of his stunning gowns to the Logies, and i couldn't get it out of my night dreams for the next two weeks. ooh la la.
Maticevski's the cool, understated cat of Australian fashion design and he is more than magical in his imaginative approach to clothes. what a bloody cool vision he's got. and when i learned he was going to be debuting at new york fashion week, it was pretty thrilling (and i was a tad jealous of americans at the same time!)
beautiful snaps: